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Imagine a billing experience where you can

Bluechain makes billing and collections a great customer experience. Meaning your customers are happy to pay on time, more of the time.

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Bluechain transforms the billing, payment, and reconciliation experience, making it flexible and seamless

Customer Care

Customers have more control, are happier and pay on time more often

Real time updates

Two-way real-time collaboration makes cashflow more predictable

Customer focussed

Billing teams become customer-focused: partners in payments


With more control, spend more time selling and less time chasing

Built to work with the tools you – and your customers – already use

Bluechain connects seamlessly with your existing accounting software. Got an in-store POS system? No problem. Selling online? We’re ready. And it’s just as easy for your customers, too.

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Send your bill

Send your bill directly to your customer via email, SMS or the Bluechain app.

Client chooses payment option

They can choose to pay immediately, on the due date, or schedule a date that suits; using any payment method (including credit card). And if there’s a query or complaint, they can raise it right away.

See bill status

You get notified of your customer’s intent to pay in real time as they accept, schedule, or reject bills.

Automated reconciliation

We collect the payment from your customer on the scheduled date – and automatically reconcile the transaction to the invoice in your accounting platform.

Upon receiving a bill

Receive them direct from your supplier into Bluechain or scan them in yourself

Choose a payment date that suits you

Choose to pay it immediately, on the due date, or on a date that suits; using any payment method (including credit card - which could earn you rewards and support your cashflow) Need to talk about your invoice, do it right away within the app

Your bill is paid when instructed

Fire and Forget: your bill will be paid on the day you selected; Bluechain will automatically charge the account you chose.

Payment is reconciled

We’ll reconcile the transaction in your accounting platform in real-time and with zero effort, so you can get on with running your business.

What our customers say

Payment security you can trust

Bluechain is designed to be more secure from the ground up:

Payment data is never in transit - eliminate the risk of fraud
Less manual work means - fewer errors
Less chasing means a better customer experience
Give customers confidence on who they are paying


Bank Payment
VISA & Mastercard
American Express
Debit Card
United Kingdom
Bank Payment
0.25% + £0.50 capped at £2
VISA & Mastercard
American Express
Debit Card
Bank Payment
0.25% + 50c + GST capped at $1.50
VISA & Mastercard
1.40% + 50c + GST
American Express
1.95% + GST
Debit Card
1.95% + GST
Enterprise/Rest of World
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About Bluechain

We are a champion for making billing better and easier for everyone. Businesses deserve to be paid on time while customers deserve to pay in a way that makes life easier for them.

From reducing fraud to making reconciliations simpler, Bluechain is obsessive about making the entire billing process smooth and straightforward.

When it comes to billing, we’re on a mission to make the whole process painless and uncomplicated.

£63m+ In invoice value settled via Bluechain
14,000+ Individual invoices received in Bluechain
1,951+ Suppliers paid using Bluechain